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Now more than ever, America needs the creativity, innovation, and leadership that small businesses provide.   In 2002, I left corporate America to launch my own small business, CorePurpose, Inc. with a mission to assist companies of all sizes in focusing their collective talents on the actions that have the greatest impact for their success and in focusing on strong business fundamentals as a foundation for growth.  In December 2006, an opportunity to work with a talented team of staff and volunteers at the Arizona Small Business Association was just too good to say no to.  Together we tackled big challenges like health-care, workforce development, and raising the awareness of the importance of growing local businesses as an economic development strategy.  As CEO of the organization, I had the opportunity to work with thousands of businesses across the state, see how they were making a difference every day,  and  to experience first hand the power of small business as a driver in our economy.   Now, as we look toward a challenging 2009, I am excited to use this blog as the beginning of a conversation on what we can all do together to  focus on our strengths, overcome challenges, and get our economy back on track.   I hope you will stay tuned and join in the conversation.

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