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Core Purpose Solutions:

Whether we are working with you on organizational development, process optimization, business planning, product strategy, channel design or sales execution projects, this is not where we need to start to create a truly differentiating solution.

Joan Koerber-Walker, founder and chairman, CorePurpose, Inc.

Our Three Step Process

Starting at the beginning – What to do

Optimized solutions must link back to your company’s Core Purpose, your Mission, and the strategies that make up the four quadrants of your company’s Balanced Score Card. By looking at the challenges or barriers between you and your goals, we offer combinations of options to complement your strategies for growth, profitability, operational excellence, working capital optimization, and human resource utilization.

On the Road to Success – How to do it

Knowing “what to do” only gets you part way to your goals. Next, you need a plan to determine the most cost effective and timely way to implement your chosen solution. CorePurpose uses a structured, systematic approach to help you ensure a successful implementation and execution of the plan. CorePurpose consultants join your team, bringing with them the knowledge and expertise developed during their years of leadership within their industries. Drawing from a wide range of capabilities, belonging to industry leading service organizations from around the globe, our combined team looks at the financial, operational, and strategic options available to you in the journey to realize corporate objectives.

No need to travel alone – We Help YOU do it

Once your plan is in place, CorePurpose can assist your team in a wide range of support options including project management, implementation team participation, and coordination of external partners to ensure that the solution is implemented in a manner that meets your needs on budget and on time.