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Calls to action  and interactive sessions focused on the Key Challenges facing businesses today…

  • Innovation
  • Real World Solutions to Business Challenges
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurial Success
  • Women and Leadership

With a natural style that makes every member of the audience feel like they are engaged in a one on one, Joan Koerber-Walker pulls you in and takes you with her as she explores some of the key challenges facing business today.

Not just a speaker, but an active participant in the global business and academic communities, Joan’s keynotes, seminars and strategy sessions are built on real life experiences and practical knowledge on the subject matter. Sharing stories of what has been and what can be, she creates a memorable experience and plants ideas that her listeners can take back and apply in the workplace.

Combining experience, stories and research, CorePurpose Keynotes are rich in content, facts, and stories that bring the message home to the audience.


  • The Business of Innovation. Innovation is doing things in a new way – to make life better – for the people who matter. This session explores the secrets for success in the Business of Innovation including: Finding your Focus – Engaging the “-preneur” inside of you – Creating a culture of innovation – Connecting the dots.
  • Focusing on Success: Optimizing Business Potential What’s keeping your company from realizing its full potential? What is the secret of great companies? How do leaders inspire their teams to greatness? How to create and keep enthusiastic customers AND what it means to your business.
  • Twitter for business.  You’re Kidding – RIGHT? Everyone is talking about social media these days.  From Twitter to Linked in and Facebook to YouTube.  What makes BUSINESS sense?   Joan’s NOT a social media ’expert’.  Instead she is an executive who uses social media effectively to GROW her business.  And she is happy to share what she’s learned along the journey with you.

Real World Solutions to Business Challenges

  • Small Business and Economic Recovery When it comes to Economic Recovery, small business is BIG Business. Small businesses create almost all of the net new jobs in the United States, drive a significant portion of its innovation and patent creation, and with the appropriate care and feeding, grow to big businesses over time. Yet small business is our economy’s most under supported and misunderstood segment. Join Joan to explore strategies for getting he economy back on track through the power of small business growth.
  • Putting the Health Back into Health Care In good times and bad, the escalating costs of healthcare continued to rank as one of the top challenges for business today. When faced with solving the problem for small businesses across the state of Arizona, Joan Koerber-Walker did more that talk about it. She got to work on creating a solution that not only made healthcare accessible – but made it more affordable too. Keynote
  • Your Part is Not a Product New and revolutionary technologies are what fuel American innovation; however many innovative technologies are never embraced. In this workshop, technology innovators learn the key components necessary to create innovative products that companies want to buy through comprehensive channels and supply chain strategies.  Keynote

Women and Leadership

  • The Five Cs for the Decade of Your Success: The Five Cs span your Career, Community, Connections, Contribution, and Collaboration. This is the decade of your success – put them to work for you and take the lead in business and in life!Keynote 
  • Having It All. Can you have it all? A successful career, a happy family, the rewards of community involvement? In this session, learn the secrets to having it all from someone who is ALMOST there. If she can do it – so can YOU. Keynote
  • Breaking Out/Breaking Through – Tales from both sides of the Glass Ceiling A lot has been said and written about the Glass Ceiling, but: What is it? Who does it apply to? How do you break through? The glass ceiling is not just about women – it’s about ALL of us – as we look from where we are to where we want to be. In this personal, funny and sometimes poignant session Joan Koerber-Walker, founder and executive director of CorePurpose, Inc. shares her personal experiences from both sides of the glass ceiling AND shares three winning tactics YOU can use to break through. Keynote

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