Building on Business Fundamentals

You only have to open the Wall Street Journal or turn on the nightly news to learn what happens to employees, shareholders, and customers when we lose sight of Business Fundamentals. The Basics of Good Business center around Employees and Customers. While metrics are easier to develop in the areas of Operations and Finance, if we do not have the right mix of enthusiastic employees and customers, hitting our Operations and Finance metrics is almost impossible!




  • Corporate Culture Development
  • Strategic Recruitment
  • Service Mapping for Improved Employee Satisfaction
  • Benefits and Retention Programs
  • Employee Development and Training



  • Order Administration
  • Credit and Collections
  • Supply Chain & Sales Execution
  • Excess Inventory Solutions
  • Process Mapping and Optimization
  • Lean Manufacturing Solutions




  • Product Positioning
  • Marketing Support
  • Assessments of Channels to Market
  • Channels Optimization Programs
  • Customer Care Solutions
  • Generating Customer Enthusiasm



  • Developing Core Metrics
  • Opportunities for Cost Reductions
  • Reducing Financial Risk
  • Assessing and Creating Capital Strategies
  • Total Cost of Ownership/Service Delivery
  • Investment and Investor Relations