After the Bubble Burst It Was Time to Hit the Reset

People you will meet and hear from at AZEC10 – Investor and CEO Paul Winandy

PaulWinandyAfter the tech bubble burst in 2000-2001, large scale software implementations at Fortune 500 companies were non-existent. Doing what had worked before was not working.  As AZEC10 Investor Panel participant Paul Winandy shared “My consulting practice hit a wall and I had to retool and redefine myself.”  So Paul switched from services to software and joined an early stage software company here in Phoenix (Khimetrics) which was later acquired by SAP. After another SaaS startup (SkillSurvey) and managing ATIF. Today he is CEO of the fastest growing EMR solution for physical therapists (WebPT). 

WebPT is the first web-based physical therapy documentation system in the world. The system offers a brand new approach to practice management and patient documentation as the application is designed to improve clinic productivity, increase revenue, reduce expenses and enhance a more stress-free clinical environment. The digital documentation system combines an intuitive dashboard user interface with practical physical therapy logic to create a user-friendly documentation solution. WebPT’s goal is to revolutionize the industry utilizing sound technology and innovative methods to provide the strongest, most effective solution to assist with increasing clinic profits and improving the quality of practice.

Paul is an active angel investor focusing on investment opportunities in enterprise software, Internet commerce, technology enabled services and medical devices with 10 different investments in my career. The results: 3 failed, 2 returned 3x, 5 are in process.  He brings a unique perspective to early stage entrepreneurship coming from a family of entrepreneurs.

My grandfather ran a diner in downtown Chicago for 30 years. My father started his own chemical manufacturing firm which was angel funded, made the Inc. 500 list and was sold for a very nice exit. And I’ve been a part of six different startups in my career … 2 bootstrapped; 2 angel funded; and 2 VC funded. The results: 2 failed, 2 made the Inc. 500 list and exited for > $150M, and 2 are still growing and doing well.  (Paul Winandy)

ATIF Invests in Arizona (About ATIF)

http://www.ATIF-AZ.orgThe Arizona Technology Investor Forum (ATIF) is an active community of accredited investors who invest in high-potential technology companies based in Arizona.

ATIF members participate in four investor meetings a year to consider investment opportunities presented by finalists screened by our selection process. Since May 2007, ATIF members have invested over $2.3 million in Arizona-based technology ventures that have presented at ATIF meetings. 

With over 50 members ATIF’s growth is really the result of contributions from all our members. Each of our members is involved in the entrepreneurial community and actively promotes ATIF to other investors.

JKW:  How do you see your role in the AZ Entrepreneurial Eco-system?

PW:  In Addition to the companies I have worked with and led, I’ve also been an active angel investor so I have a lot of experience with startups and investing. I know both success and failure. I’ve made money and I’ve lost money. Through it all I remain steadfast in my belief that the path to truly great wealth is to build successful startups into scalable enterprises.

My role is to pass on my hard earned experience to the next generation of entrepreneurs and to motivate others to invest in them.

JKW:   What do you plan to achieve between AZEC10 and AZEC11?

PW:  I plan to focus heavily on WebPT to help it reach its potential. By AZEC11 we should be the premier EMR solution for the physical therapy industry.

JKW:  WHY did you choose to support OTEF and AZEC10? Why will you be there?

PW:  I actively support local organizations that offer real value to early stage tech entrepreneurs. AZEC has consistently hosted a strong conference with speakers that provide sound advice and counsel. I am honored to be a part of this event.

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…there will be more entrepreneurial profiles and AZEC10 behind the scenes glimpses between now and AZEC10. If you have not registered for AZEC10 yet, use discount code PhxBiz and save 10% off the ATTENDEE ticket price.

Joan Koerber-Walker

Note:  Joan Koerber Walker serves as Chairman of the Board of The Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship foundation,which is the host organization and sole beneficiary of AZEC10.  To learn more about OTEF, visit

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