CorePurpose Launches the CoreAlliance

Phoenix, Arizona — CorePurpose, Inc., a management consulting and services aggregator, today announced the formation of the CoreAllianceSM, a coalition of specialty consulting firms dedicated to helping emerging and established businesses reach new heights in this challenging economy.

The CoreAllianceSM is comprised of independent consulting and service organizations that bring proven industry knowledge and experience in building business solutions for both emerging and established organizations.  CoreAllianceSM experts bring decades of expertise to the equation in the following areas:

  • People Programs and Corporate Culture
  • Executive Development and Coaching
  • Customer Contact, Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Core Strategy, Planning & Development
  • Intellectual Property and Data Security
  • Capital Formation
  • Information Technology and IT Operations
  • International Expansion
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Communications and Web Services
  • Services Business Design
  • Product and Market Positioning
  • Channels Design and Support
  • Operations and Administration
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Warehousing and Supply Chain
  • Delivery and Logistics
  • Receivables and Collection

“Due to economic conditions, many companies lack the resources to address key business challenges or take action to move themselves ahead of the competition,” said Joan Koerber-Walker, executive director and founder of CorePurpose, Inc.  “At CorePurpose, we believe the key to success is aligning your resources where they will have the greatest impact on your business.  So we have built a portfolio of talented executives and organizations who can work with these companies to solve problems, address non core areas, or support key initiatives. ” added Koerber-Walker.

CoreAlliance members have supported key initiatives for companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 50 in their areas of specialty.

When laying the foundation for their business, emerging companies often can not afford to add the level of expertise needed to address these needs full time.  Working with the CoreAlliance gives them access to the kinds of resources established companies enjoy, at a fraction of the cost, since they are pulling talent in on an as needed or project basis.  “Outsourcing is the way many companies choose to remain nimble in difficult times. The CoreAlliance members are an experienced team to which any business could proudly outsource,” says Francine Hardaway, CoreAlliance member and partner in Stealthmode Partners, a marketing, positioning, and public relations company.

“Established organizations also benefit from the addition of CoreAlliance Resources” added Koerber-Walker.  “In today’s challenging economic environment, many organizations have had to cut back on resources and staff, leaving holes in the organization when key issues arise.  By partnering with CorePurpose and the CoreAlliance they gain access to proven executives and teams  who can implement solutions quickly and effectively based on years of experience and specialization.”

Working with CorePurpose and the CoreAlliance enables companies to refocus resources, strengthen non-core areas, and optimize their performance in the areas where they gain the greatest benefit.

About CorePurpose, Inc.

Headquartered in Arizona, CorePurpose, Inc., is a consulting and services aggregator specializing in building solutions that enable its clients to focus more of their resources and energy on what they are passionate about and best at in a way that makes financial sense.
Together with members of the CoreAllianceSM, CorePurpose, Inc. works with companies and organizations to align internal resources to their areas of passion and strength while offering resources for mentoring, implementation and outsourcing in non-core areas or areas where additional support is required.  For more information about CorePurpose, Inc., and to view the listing and experience of CoreAlliance Members visit:

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