CorePurpose Founder Asks…”Are you a global company or do you even want to be?”

Arizona Women in International Trade  proudly presents Joan Koerber-Walker, Executive Director of Core Purpose, Inc. as she discusses techniques & guidelines for global expansion.

In 1993, Joan worked for a company that was “going global”. North American based, her corporation started to buy up companies around the world. Ten years later, they had operations in 63 countries. But – were they global?

In the midst of a global economy, common sense tells us that to be competitive we have to be global too – right? “Going Global?” looks at the challenges of creating a global company from its most important aspect – People.

The presentation looks at the following key questions:

· What is a “global” company?

· Who are they – are there any?

· If you are going global – how does it affect the people that really matter – Your Employees, Your Customers, and Your Shareholders?

The event willbe held at Sam’s Café at the Biltmore,  Thursday, June 19, 2003 from 11:30 to 1:30 PM.

About the speaker:

Joan Koerber-Walker is the Executive Director and founder of CorePurpose, Inc. An Arizona based consulting and services company. CorePurpose works with companies to identify the high impact areas of their businesses that will differentiate them from the completion at home and abroad – AND then strengthens them in those areas through the efforts the CoreAlliance, a coalition of 35 services organizations specializing in HR, Sales & Marketing, Operations, IT, and Finance. Prior to forming CorePupose, Ms. Koerber-Walker was a vice president with Avnet, Inc. and worked with over 700 technology companies in North America, Europe, and Asia during the expansion of Avnet’s distribution business from the US and Canada to 63 countries around the world. A popular speaker and professional member of the National Speakers Association, Ms. Koerber-Walker shares her experiences and insights with corporate and academic audiences here in Arizona and around the world.”

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