Big Doings in the Big Apple This Week

As the song goes, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go.  This coming week I’m headed to NYC for the biggest book launch I’ve ever done.

May 9, 2010 (Mother’s Day morning I’m off to the airport for a whirlwind week.) And it would not be possible without some absolutely wonderful friends who have all pulled together to help spread the word about CorePurpose Publishing’s newest release – The Recipe: A fable for leaders and teams by Amilya Antonetti.

After sharing some of what has been happening with my friend Marty Zwilling (@StartupPro) he even wrote this great post about it.

Monday May 10th

It’s a Celebration of Leaders and Teams as we head for a private party with the media and VIP guests as we honor three great leaders:  Lynn Tilton founder of Patriarch Partners, Monica Crowley of FOX News, and Ken Colburn, CNN Tech Commentator and founder of Data Doctors.

Tuesday May 11th

No private party this time.   Everyone is welcome to the official launch of The Recipe at Barnes and Noble at Lincoln Triangle (Broadway and 66th Street) at 7:30 PM.  Lots have friends have already RSVP’d on EventBrite for this great evening.  We have a fabulous panel of leaders joining Amilya.  Experts will be sharing ideas for leaders and teams.  We’re so grateful to have such a great panel, including women’s leadership expert Gloria Feldt, The Toliet Paper Entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz, Kevin Daum with his new book ROAR, Dr. Liz Cruz, Donna Tarantino-Loyle from ShopNBC, and Anthony Tesoriero of Lucky Napkin.    If you can be in NYC on May 11th – PLEASE COME TOO! It’s free.

I’m so thankful to my friends at Innovator’s Warehouse, Barnes and Noble, Barrington Printing, and Shwaag for sponsoring and hosting these events!

Come Wednesday Morning…

the parties are over and it’s time to get to work with a full week of meetings and presentations, key connections, and lots more as Amilya and I work together on our next collaboration. (It’s still a secret – I’ll tell you as soon as I can – stay tuned…)

But everything was not perfect.

Even though many of my friends were coming to New York from as far away as Arizona, California, Missouri, and Rhode Island plus the gang from NY Metro Area, EVERYBODY could not come celebrate.  I just HATE leaving people out.  When I shared this with my friend Eric Keosky-Smith, co founder of Shwaag , he FIXED it so that everyone can have some fun and excitement too.  Not just the folks in NY but all over the country.  Here is Eric’s Solution – Check this out:

Shwaag is giving away a 16GB iPad w/ The Recipe by Amilya Antonetti

The best of everything – in your hands!


Amilya Antonetti’s fabulous new fable, The Recipe, is now available at Amazon.

Need a copy? Buy it on Amazon now and learn how you can make your army of 2 – or 200 – a rip-roaring success!

It’s a great book about startups and team building. In coordination with the book launch, we have teamed with Shwaag to release a SINGLE electronic version of the book, that comes with it’s own 16GB WiFi iPad !! Now Apple doesn’t comment about the book, but they do say the iPad is the best way to experience the web, video, books, photo’s and even email – hand’s down. That seems pretty amazing. But public reaction so far seems to be holding that up.

What’s Shwaag™ and how can I win The Recipe on an iPad?

Shwaag™:`shwāāg Premium stuff given away that you can choose to keep or pay forwardswaag-jkw

Shwaag™ is an online movement built to encourage generosity among social networkers and advertisers and to provide a genuine forum for brand loyalty. By giving away products, brands can demonstrate authentic generosity, create new and unbreakable bonds with social networking trendsetters, and help create a new generation of consumers that rely on trust networks to choose brands.

It’s easy and it’s fun.  If you have experienced Shwaag™ before, just go to and log in.

If you are a first timer on Shwaag you need an invitation code.  And Eric and the gang gave me some for the launch this week.   Use code: JKW2525  (We only have so many so don’t delay and miss out!)

Then, this week when the “Shwaag Drops” they will let you know  via Twitter, Facebook, email etc. Here’s how you can get  started:

1.  Click here and fill in your info and invite code JKW2525

2.   Log in and look around.  See something you like on Featured Shwaag?  Click the “Shwaag Me” button.  As you go through the options you can get more chances to win by sharing the message with friends on Twitter or Facebook.  It’s really easy.

Who knows, this time next week you might be the proud new owner of a 16GB iPad loaded with your personal copy of The Recipe courtesy of Shwaag.  Good Luck!

So this Mother’s Day…

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane.  Unlike the song – I DO know when I’ll be back again.   And I will be bringing lots of great new ideas, stories about adventures, new opportunities and more back in my bags.

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay Tuned – I’ll be sure to send pictures and videos from the Big Apple.  🙂

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