CorePurpose Achieves 300% Increase in Bottom Line Results with the assistance of GoalCentrix GoalCentrix, an industry leader in goal achievem

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CorePurpose Achieves 300% Increase in Bottom Line Results with the assistance of GoalCentrix

CorePurpose Achieves 300% Increase in Bottom Line Results with the assistance of GoalCentrix

Phoenix, Arizona —November 4, 2003—

GoalCentrix, an industry leader in goal achievement solutions, today announced that CorePurpose, a leading business consulting and services aggregator, has achieved significant business results using GoalCentrix.

CorePurpose had developed a unique business model to distribute professional services, software, and outsource solutions its customers allowing them to focus on what they are passionate about and best at in a way that makes financial sense. With their success, came many challenges. “On the surface, everything was great,” said Joan Koerber-Walker, Executive Director and Founder. “But the faster we grew – the more the activity. I was working 18 hour days 6 days a week just to keep up.”

“Our mission is to provide services, software and outsourced solutions that build businesses” Joan said. “We help clients identify the high impact areas of their business and then support them with experts in that area and their industry. If we could not keep our own team focused, how could we help our customers?”

CorePurpose answered this tremendous challenge by deploying GoalCentrix in March 2003 and immediately had clear visibility to the execution of their strategic plan, all of their customer opportunities and effective communications with CoreAlliance Members. “The biggest increase in productivity came from the increase in communication effectiveness” Joan said. “Instead of conference calls, meetings and other gatherings to keep track of where we were on various projects, we simply used the email and report capabilities in GoalCentrix to keep everyone connected.”

Since using GoalCentrix, CorePurpose realized an 80% increase in communication effectiveness, a 50% increase in productivity overall and a 300% increase in bottom line results. “The difference between success and failure takes more than a strategic plan – it takes a framework for strategic execution. GoalCentrix is giving us that” said Joan.

“GoalCentrix is providing businesses with the process and system needed to achieve better bottom-line results” says Dave Riley, President and COO of GoalCentrix. “CorePurpose shows just how far a small organization can go using GoalCentrix to drive the execution of their business plan. We are proud to be a member of the CoreAlliance.”

Headquartered in Arizona, CorePurpose, Inc., is a distributor of professional services, software, and outsource solutions and specializes in focusing resources and teams for greater success through high impact activities that link directly to results. Together with members of the CoreAllianceSM, CorePurpose, Inc. works with companies and organizations to align internal resources to their areas focus while offering resources for mentoring, implementation and outsourcing in non-core areas or areas where additional support is required including: HR, Sales and Marketing, Operations, IT, and Finance. For more information about CorePurpose, Inc., and to see the listing and experience of CoreAlliance Members visit:

CorePurpose and CoreAllaince are either a registered trademark or trademark of CorePurpose, Inc.. in the United States and/or other countries.

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