CorePurpose founder profiled in The Social Media Bible – September 28, 2010

CorePurpose, Inc., a business publisher and provider of strategic growth services to business and industry, today announced that Joan Koerber-Walker, founder of CorePurpose, Inc., has been profiled in The Social Media Bible (Second Edition) by Lon Safko.

The book which was a bestseller in its first edition and has been recognized as the most comprehensive resource on the subject of social media includes profiles and vignettes on the leading companies in the space including the “social media trilogy”, Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.

In the book, CorePurpose is recognized for the innovative way it was able to grow a substantial social media presence globally and generate measurable return on investment by creating a targeted Twitter communication strategy that appeals to the company’s different market segments and audiences focused on business information (@CorePurpose, leadership (@JKWleadership), innovation (@JKWinnovation), and growth (@JKWgrowth).

About The Socail Media Bible:

The Social Media Bible, Second Edition ( is the most comprehensive resource that transforms the way corporate, small business, and non-profit companies use social media to reach their desired audiences with power messages and efficiency. In this Second Edition, each of the three parts – Tactics, Tools, and Strategies – have been updated to reflect the most current social media trends. It covers all major new software applications, including features and benefits, in detail and lists more than 120 companies integral to the social media industry with updated data, products, services, and links including advanced topics like measuring social media return on investment (ROI) and how to develop and implement the Five Steps to Social Media Success strategy plan Includes dozens of social media ROI case studies.

John Wiley& Sons, September 28, 2010) ISBN-10: 0470623977 ISBN-13: 978-0470623978

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