Highlights from #BeOriginal

In June of 2009, I had an idea that it would be fun to share original ideas with friends in a place where we could all find them.  I blogged it as Why #BeOriginal to let my friends know.

Over time, more and more people have shared great ideas.  But Twitter search does not last forever, so I captured some of my personal favorites here. (These are what was still available on search starting 9/5/2009.  There were many more that are now gone from search.)  Some are my own quotes so I won’t forget them – but many are from my friends and colleagues who have joined in the fun of sharing original ideas.  I hope you enjoy them!

Since September I have been collecting the “BeOriginals” each month, categorizing them, and sharing them with others to give credit to all of my friends who share their original ideas.  You will find them all on the #BeOriginal Blog.  Be sure to check it out and subscribe to the feed so you get the update each month.

Maybe you have favorite quotes from searching #BeOriginal too?  Feel free to add them in the comments section at any time. (Special thanks to @mikemyatt who inspired me to do this with his personal quote list that you can find here.)

Here is a short selection of the thousands of #BeOriginal Quotes that have now been shared.

Originals on Life and Attitude

haforhope “It’s Your Life: Live Life with a Mission.” -Ha Tran #BeOriginal

haforhope: “If you don’t know your abilities and your limits, it’s much harder to make an honest promise and keep it.”-Ha Tran #BeOriginal

amilya: “Don’t settle for a broken cookie! Your life can be more than crumbs!” Amilya Antonetti #BeOriginal

amilya: “Things you should try to avoid. Knowledge on ice and ignorance on fire.” ~ Amilya Antonetti #BeOriginal

WaltHansmann Courage is about living true to yourself. #BeOriginal

WaltHansmann Our lives are determined by our choices. Choose well.#BeOriginal

KateNasser: Action replaces fear with insight and knowledge. Get active! ~Kate Nasser #BeOriginal

KateNasser: An authentic smile changes everything. ~Kate Nasser #BeOriginal

RickSherrell: “Every apology falls short of the mark, but grace is always on target.” #BeOriginal

WBAustin The first two years of college are vocabulary lessons. The second two years are spent learning who to ask & where to look it up. ~ Bill Austin

Chantified“You cannot become more than the thoughts you hold onto” ~ Chanty Lang-Vermaas  #BeOriginal

Shannon_KB: “Remind me to hit my “pause” button more often.” ~ Shannon Koerber Bullard #BeOriginal

JeanieHollon : When you meet people with no happiness or hope, give them some of yours

JeanieHollon Defeat negativity by turning your attention to positive pursuits; negativity dies from neglect. ~ Jeanie Hollon

JDHenry09 “To become your greatest fan – learn to laugh at yourself. It makes life way more interesting!” -Jessica Henry #BeOriginal

eschreyer: There’s a reason you put your own oxygen mask on 1st. If you don’t take care of yourself, you diminish your value to others. ~ Erin Schreyer

DrSteveBroe Honor the teachers you meet in your world, in their many different forms. ~ Dr. Steve Broe #beoriginal

BrainZooming: Don’t refuse to smile at someone you think is nobody.  It will make it easier when you realize later they are somebody. Mike Brown#beoriginal

judyrey : How you look at the world actually determines what you see. ~ Judy Rey Wasserman #BeOriginal

MarkOOakes: What we think we know has a tendency to come and go… but our wisdom will last a lifetime. #BeOriginal

joankw “The sooner we learn to ask for help – the sooner we reap the benefits.” Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

joankw “If you can find joy in the darkest days, imagine what you will find on bright ones!” Joan Koerber-Walker

joankw  “Just when you think you are finished – Something good happens and you start all over again.” #BeOriginal

joankw “All we can be is who we are. Anything else is just too much work.” Joan Koerber-Walker

joankw “We each have an individual voice, but together we form a chorus whose music can change the world.” – Joan Koerber-Walker.

joankw “Making a Difference starts with Making an Effort.” Joan Koerber-Walker

joankw “As the sun rises each day, so must our hope for a better tomorrow.” #Beoriginal

joankw “Friends are like flowers – the more you have, the brighter your world.” Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

joankw  “Sometimes you have to give in and rest – So you can start again bright and refreshed.” Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

Originals on Family

trina_willard: The pain of life’s passages are somehow tempered when a new little person joins the world. It’s a new beginning. #BeOriginal

MasterworksDsgn: The trouble with teaching your children to think for themselves is that they do. #BeOriginal So you live with interesting consequences…

KatheeSue: Warning to my teens as they headed for the evening: “Nothing good happens after midnight.” #BeOriginal

joankw “Talking with Teens: “I’ve had to tell you so many times. I sound like a broken record!” “Mom, What’s a record?” Joan Koerber-Walker

joankw  “Budget Mgt. Advice for Parents of Teens || “I’d love to give you a twenty honey – but I never carry cash.”  Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

joankw “Hockey Mom Math: 100 broken hockey sticks $15, 000, 1 ER visit $5,000, Watching your kid do what he loves – Priceless.” #BeOriginal

Originals on Leadership

douglasbrent: Always ask permission before offering feedback and you’re more likely to be helpful. Douglas Brent Smith #BeOriginal

douglasbrent: Leadership is sharing inspiration and responsibility with the courage it takes to achieve success.~ Douglas Brent Smith #BeOriginal

mikehenrysr : Just because I cleaned up the mess doesn’t mean I volunteer to be the janitor ~ Mike Henry Sr.

royatkinson: In times like these, a leader must dig down to a new level of commitment to the goals of the team, and move forward. #BeOriginal

royatkinson: A leader who is clueless will have a team that is glueless.

royatkinson: A leader must dig down to a new level of commitment to the goals of the team, and move forward. #leadership #BeOriginal

leadershipcoach: Some men are born leaders, and some leaders are born women. ~Joan Gustafson #BeOriginal

leadershipcoach: “A special leader lives within you. Determine what, when and how to lead.” ~Joan Gustafson #BeOriginal

JenniferVMiller: Take shortcuts with things, not with people, ~ Jennifer V. Miller#BeOriginal

JenniferVMiller: Push your own boundaries before someone pushes them for you.#BeOriginal

WaltHansmann: What qualities does it take to be a #leader? Look in the mirror. YOU are the key ingredient. #BeOriginal

mikemyatt: “There exists a season for all things, but decisive, prudent and principled leadership never goes out of season.” #BeOriginal #Quote

eschreyer: What makes a great leader? Not just striving 4 results, but also striving to build into people & impact their lives. ~Erin Schreyer #BeOriginal

eschreyer:  When great leaders look in the mirror, they see integrity, selflessness and inspiration.  ~ Erin Schreyer #BeOriginal

ldguymn: SHINE: Seek … 2 … Help … by … Inspiring … Nuturing … & … Encouraging. ~ Dave Brand #BeOriginal

ldguymn: GOAL: Giving … of … Oneself … 2 … Achieve … a … Legacy.

ldguymn: RISK: Ready … 2 … Invest … in … Something … 4 … Keeps. #BeOriginal

ldguymn: MODEL: Motivate … Others … Daily … by … Encouraging … Learning. #BeOriginal

ldguymn: The value derived from inspection is related to the time spent in reflection. Dave Brand #BeOriginal

ldguymn: Value a journey not only for it’s destination, but also by the path traveled ~ Dave Brand

LeadToday: Poor leaders tell. Good leaders explain. Superior leaders demonstrate. Great leaders inspire. Steve Keating  #BeOriginal

LeadToday: The only followers that care what their leader thinks R the followers that know their leader cares. Steve Keating

JKWleadership: “If you want your people to lead, be sure to give them a great role model to follow.” Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

JKWleadership“Great leaders lead by example, inspiring new leaders by their actions.”  Joan Koerber-Walker

JKWleadership “Choosing to lead is not always easy, but it IS always worth it.” Joan Koerber-Walker

JKWleadership “No one can hear you if you don’t speak up” Joan Koerber-Walker

JKWleadership “If you want people to follow you, demonstrate that you are worth following.” Joan Koerber-Walker

JKWleadership “Doing the right thing is not always convenient ; but, it is always right.” Joan Koerber-Walker

JKWleadership “Inspiring others to lead and watching them succeed is the best part of a leader’s journey.” Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

Originals on Innovation and Creativity

KateNasser: Creativity is #diversity of the mind. ~Kate Nasser #BeOriginal

cpschuster : “Different isn’t good or bad; it’s just different.” Camille Schuster, PhD

DeeMcCrorey “Play to your strengths. Reinvent everything else.” ~  Dee McCrorey #BeOriginal

JKWinnovation: Originality is an art that improves with practice. ~ Joan Koerber-Walker#BeOriginal

JKWinnovation: When the innovation train pulls away from the station, make sure you are on it. Or else you’ll get left behind. ~ Joan Koerber-Walker

Shannon_KB Is “Necessity the mother of Invention” ∙OR∙ is Invention/Innovation the mother of Necessity? Shannon Koerber Bullard

eaglesflite: Imagine if the ground was not open to new seeds? A closed mind isn’t fertile for the growth of new ideas & visions ~ Dale Lawrence #beoriginal

eaglesflite The river of life may be swift, but a persevering spirit will always find a way to cross to the other side~ Dale Lawrence , #beoriginal

DrBob4u: Do not deny your own mind. Encourage your own ideas and creativity. ~Dr Robert H. Schwenk #beoriginal

DrBob4u: Choose the good in all things and people. Dr Robert H. Schwenkker

JKWinnovation:  “Creativity and Innovation is NOT always a good thing – just ask the folks on Wall Street.” Joan Koerber-Walker

JKWinnovation: “One spark of innovation can light up a world of new opportunities.” Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

JKWinnovation: “Sometimes a small tweak can lead to a big improvement. Don’t overlook small opportunities.” Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

Originals on Success, Business and Growth

amilya: Noodle Thought ||”You do not know what you don’t know.  Be careful  who you allow to fill in the blanks” ~ Amilya Antonetti #BeOriginal

amilya:  Noodle Thought: Just because you “Can” doesn’t mean that you “should”. Amilya Antonetti.

amilya: Noodle:Those around you should help”lift” you up and “motivate” you to be your best. Not bitter,angry, and resentful people who will pull you down. Watch who you let in.  Amilya Antonetti  #BeOriginal 

amilya: Noodle thought: “Destiny CAN'T be stolen but it CAN be abandoned.”#BeOriginal

amilya: Noodle Thought: Good managers oil squeaky wheels. Bad Managers replace them. Know your situation. #BeOriginal

RodKirby “I define success not by the amount of people that come in the door, but by how many leave impacted on their way out.” #BeOriginal

MoreClients: “The fear of success is often more paralyzing than the fear of failure.” – Peter George #BeOriginal

MoreClients: “Effective marketing is the by-product of consistent marketing.” Peter George #BeOriginal

royatkinson: Keep it up – and maybe, by day’s end, the opportunities will begin to outweigh the challenges. #BeOriginal

royatkinson: Change just is, and we need to wrap ourselves around it as well as we can. #BeOriginal

royatkinson: Decisions made without us are decisions made for us. #BeOriginal

royatkinson: Practice speedership every day. Anticipate coming changes and learn how to respond with lightning reflexes. #BeOriginal

royatkinson:  Be in touch with the speed of change in your industry and within your organization—and understand the gap between the two. #BeOriginal

CorePurpose: Originality drives Success. ~ Joan Koerber-Walker

CorePurpose: Success is a choice each of us can make. Choose yours. ~ Joan Koerber-Walker

JKWgrowth: 4 steps for growth|| Ask Questions. Listen for Answers. Take action. Celebrate Success ~ Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

joankw: “How can we help each other?” Is one of the MOST powerful business questions you can ask! ~ Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

JKWgrowth: “Treasure your rainy days; they help to bring new growth…” ~ Joan Koerber-Walker

JKWgrowth: “Growth accelerates when you choose to focus on your positives.” Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

CoachJanet “Proactive people change the atmosphere and reactive people complain about it.” Janet Daughtry  #BeOriginal

wjsalls: Every failure is just another step on your journey to the top. William J. Salls#BeOriginal

MeghanMBiro Experiment – Don’t Sell! Find something Meaningful + Create Value. #BeOriginal

KateNasser:  Accountability is not about blame. It is commitment to excellence & ownership of all results. Kate Nasser #BeOriginal

KateNasser: “Collaboration defined — expanding everyone’s greatness”

KateNasser: In business, speak clever to attract; deliver value to keep.~Kate Nasser

KateNasser: Team Defined: Talent engaged in growth and change to achieve a common success. ~Kate Nasser #BeOriginal

JillKoenig: What you dwell upon long enough and strong enough becomes your reality. #BeOriginal

coachquips: Just when I think I’ve got it all together, something comes up that I’ve never had to deal with and I am humbled once again! Tricia Schulte#BeOriginal

jglass8 “Growth is a journey while success is the final destination.” Jamie Glass

jglass8 Hope is everlasting and fuels our determination to achieve more. Jamie Glass

Humorous Originals

converging: As I tell my friends when wrestling with fear or intimidation: “Pretty people poop too…” Robb Bingham

joankw: “At least when I tweet on Twitter SOMEBODY listens.” Joan Koerber-Walker #BeOriginal

joankw “My idea of exercise – THREE laps around Lord & Taylors.” Joan Koerber-Walker

joankw “It’s hard to take yourself seriously when you have just had a food fight in front of hundreds of people.” Joan Koerber-Walker

JeanieHollon  “A politician and an IRS agent are drowning. You can only save one of the. Do you walk the dog or read a book?” Jeanie Hollon

JeanieHollon “Dear Lord, I been good today-I have’t gossiped or bad-mouthed no one. But I’m fixin’; to get up now and I’m gonna need your help.”  Jeanie Hollon

JeanieHollon “Dear IRS, I no longer wish to belong to your organization. Please cancel my membership & remove my name from your mailing list.” Jeanie Hollon

wjsalls: “If life gives you lemons, trade them for limes, and make Margaritas.” William J. Salls #BeOriginal

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