Looking for the Leaders Who Will Shape our Future

Over the last week, meeting after meeting focused on innovation,  technology, and future directions for growth.  Times of change call for connected and coordinated leadership.  Where will we find ours?

Last Monday, the week started off with a conference in Tucson where we began with a discussion about Research Universities and the Future of America.  The room was filled with leaders from Arizona’s universities, high tech industry, and government who were there to discuss and to brainstorm new initiatives based on 10 calls for action identified by the National Research Council.

Tuesday, sandwiched between meetings with local CEO’s, brought the opportunity for another leadership meeting where 20 technology and business leaders had an opportunity to meet with with Mary Miller, Undersecretary for Domestic Finance, United States Department of the Treasury and learn what was happening at the Treasury and to ask questions about key impact items ranging from the econ0my to the potential for both the Sequester and th4e Continuing Resolution in March.

Wednesday, stakeholders from across the biotech and health care industries met to work on SB1438 – Arizona’s Biosimilar Bill – while AZBio shared a presentation  with the Senate Committee on Commerce, Energy and Military on Arizona’s Bioscience Industry:  Where we are.  Where we’re going and what it will take to get there.

Thursday AZBio celebrated Rare Disease Day online and  at the State Capital sharing both information and support for patients and their families.  It also marked the beginning of two days in San Diego where we came  together with leaders from state bioscience associations, patient advocacy groups, and industry partners.  Presentations and  discussions enabled us to share ideas and create partnerships where we can work together to move personalized medicine forward faster and get life saving innovations to the patient community.

No Way Out

One theme ran consistently through all of these meetings.  There is no way out of the economic challenges we face if we work within our silos.  Success will come by working together, leveraging relationships, and combining resources to get the job done.

Innovation Highway

Arizona’s health care and bioscience industries are key growth vehicles that  move the state forward along the innovation highway with sustainable economic growth and life saving and life sustaining innovations as the destination.

Like all vehicles, we must consistently add fuel to keep our engines running and make sure that all of our vehicles are properly maintained.  This will require us to provide the support for the infrastructure that past investments have created:  our medical schools, research institutes, and university research programs.  As the same time, research without growth capital to support the commercialization engine will cause our vehicle to stall.  Creating new capital coalitions and infrastructures are our highest priorities and our greatest growth opportunities is Arizona is to compete at the top levels of our industry.

Growth Path

So, as we move along the growth path, who will shape Arizona’s Bioindustry Future?  The answer is: we all have and we all will.  Our opportunity simply accelerates when we come together – Academia, Government, Industry, Investors, and Patient Advocates with a  shared goal and a shared commitment to move things forward…faster.

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