Mission Possible


Is this impossible? Watch the video .

Over the last few weeks, I have been meeting with CEOs in and around Arizona.  We talk about what we’ve done, what we are planning to do, opportunities we’ve seen, and people we’ve met.  We share contacts, resources, and ideas.  We’ve looked at what worked and shared lessons on what did not.

At the same time I have watched the media focusing on everything that is NOT working.  It makes growing businesses in this economic sound like Mission Impossible.

Here is a list of some of the impossibilities we are barraged with every day:

  • It’s impossible to raise money in this economy.
  • It’s impossible to be a CEO and not become a scapegoat.
  • It’s impossible to find a great job, grow a great company, take back our leadership position on the world stage.
  • It’s impossible to balance a budget.
  • Everything –  it’s just impossible.

Well entrepreneurs have a long history of making the impossible – possible.  We raise money, take responsibility, create jobs, grow companies, and make our country the world leader that it is.  We balance  our budgets because we have to. (Unlike some, it’s illegal for us to print money.)  And we know better than most – nothing is impossible if you pursue it with passion, work smarter, and put all of your resources and connections to work to make things happen.

So is the mission possible – you bet!

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