My Momma Told Me…

It has been said that the difference between family and friends, is that you  get to pick your friends.  Well, when it comes to Mothers, I really lucked out.  My Mom is the type of friend anyone would be lucky to pick.  Here’s why…


Great friends are there when you need them.  They tell you the truth – even when you don’t want to hear it. And, if you are really lucky, they are people you can learn from by listening to them and watching what they do. 

mom and dad tightMy Mom is a pretty incredible lady.  She makes good choices in her life – and it shows!  She and my Dad are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this year.  My Dad he still thinks she its the best thing that ever happened to him.  They’ve raised five kids together and then after the kids were gone, took care of my Grandmother at home so that she could live out her final years in a loving environment with the best quality of life possible.   She is a valuable member of the team where she works and is a committed and active contributor in her church and her community.  She has lots of great friends – some of whom go all the way back to high school!

I’ve learned lots of important things from my Mom over the years, some that she’s told me and more that she’s demonstrated by just being who she is.  Here are a few things, that by her words and actions, my Momma told me…

If you believe in your self and are committed to do what it takes, you can do anything.

Be the best person you can be.  You have a responsibility to use the gifts God gave you.

Get an education – and never stop learning.

Check your work.  (She’s been know to even find typos in my blog posts.)

People have different skills and talents – learn to uncover them and treasure them.

You were not raised in a barn – don’t act like it.

If you want to get something done, find the busiest person you know.

Stand by your convictions – If you don’t, who will?

If it’s important to get the job done – sleep’s optional. 

Say I love you – often! 

You can have it all! 

At the end of the day, nothing is more important than family.

See, I really did luck  out in the Mommy Lottery.  So this Mother’s Day, I just want to say – Thanks Mom!  I love you.

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