Opportunity Springs Up

It’s Easter weekend already.  It’s a time of growth, a time of new beginnings, and time of opportunity.  As I have been making my way around our community, I’ve seen new starts, new business, new partnerships, and new information all examples showing positive change is not so far away or out of reach.  Enjoy the attached song by Pete Murray and performed with John Mayer while I share what I have seen and heard this week. 


Tuesday, at ASU I found a great new FREE tool.  It’s called Economy@W.P.Carey and contains up-to-date economic insights including the Blue Chip Economic reports, articles from thought leaders in the AZ economy like Dr. Lee McPheters, and much more.  As soon as I got home, I loaded it into my RSS feed reader on iGoogle so that as new developments appear I see them right away. Oh and what are the economists saying?  Well, not surprisingly – 2009 for AZ looks pretty tough – but the consensus of all the different economists reporting was that we would see upward movement at the end of 2009 with sustained positive momentum in 2010.  That’s very good news and economists rarely agree.  🙂

A visit to the DW Sports Group yielded great conversations with Dane Platt and William Carey…not to mention a tour of their facility and the chance to pick up their newest innovation ‘Green’ Golf Balls from Dixon Golf.  Look for William to be sharing his experiences as a Serial Entrepreneur at the 4th Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference on November 12, 2009!

Bill Swartz and I got together at Kierland Commons to exchange ideas and get caught up on the exciting growth industries we both see emerging in the valley. 

Lisa Ellis of Metro Studios got me caught up on all the latest innovations in the world of Digital Marketing and Media – and helped me critique my newest YouTube videos on Economic Gardening, Small Business, and Healthcare.

Thursday, GPEC held an event at the Tempe Center for the Arts called Convening the Community.  (To see all the presentations and video from the event – click on the Convening the Community link.)  On one stage, in one morning, we got the news and proposed solutions from both Governor Jan Brewer, with her finance team (Tom Manos and Eileen Klein) , along with the Arizona Legislature’s take and budget solution from Kirk Adams(AZ Speaker of the House) and Bob Burns (AZ Senate President).  An education panel of Dr. Michael Crow (President of ASU), Dr. Debra Duval (Superintendent, Mesa Schools) and Dr. Rufus Glasper (Chancellor of Maricopa Community Colleges) shared their insights on the impact cuts are having on K-20.   Not all of the speakers agreed on all of the topics, tactics, and solutions.  (Not a big surprise.) But over 800 members of our community attended, listened, and learned.  More importantly, after the event there were many conversations springing up with between organizations – discussions of partnerships existing or forming – appointments being set – opportunities for solutions being discussed. 

Also on Thursday – a Grand Opening for the new offices of Perfect Power.  Congratulations to Lynn Paige and John Balfour – not just for opening a new expanded facility, but more importantly for being a key component in Arizona’s push towards a vibrant solar power industry AND  North America’s Most Award Winning Solar Company!

Friday – Good Friday – I headed over to meet a group of executives at the Shea Group for a great exchange of ideas on navigating the Healthcare Maze and what’s happening in our community and our economy.  Talk about a brain trust all in one room!  Special thanks to Tom Freeze for allowing me to sit in.  🙂

Saturday, I’m off to NSA Arizona top see my friends in the Speaking Community and share more ideas.  Thank goodness Sunday is a day for Family, Rest and Easter Eggs!

So think back on your week.  Who did you see?  What ideas did you share that could lead to new opportunities?  How can you partner with someone to overcome a challenge?    And while you are thinking it through, click the link to watch the official “Opportunity” music video and look for the writing on the wall.  😉

Happy Easter Everyone.

Stay Tuned…

– Joan Koerber-Walker

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