Question of the Day…How can I help you?

An important conversation started when I shared a quote from Albert Einstein on Twitter and Facebook today.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. ”  

This video is a great example of the types of collaborations that began at ASU when people started seriously asking questions.


When the tweet hit, a conversation started on Facebook – but since everyone can’t get to it there, I am moving it to the blog so that anyone can chime in.  It started like this:

Joan Koerber-Walker “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. ” Albert Einstein. 

And then a conversation started…

Carl LundbladCarl Lundblad at 9:28am April 15

I have a question…

Joan Koerber-Walker

Joan Koerber-Walker at 9:33am April 15

And it is…

Carl Lundblad

Carl Lundblad at 9:38am April 15

Just responding to Einstein’s counsel that we never stop questioning…guess it wasn’t very funny…grin.

Joan Koerber-Walker

Joan Koerber-Walker at 9:43am April 15

🙂 Ah but that’s the point – if we figure out the right questions – we may just find an answer. So let’s have some fun. Pose a question. 🙂

Carl Lundblad

Carl Lundblad at 9:48am April 15

OK…are the average citizens of this country – folks like you and me – really committed and empathetic enough to help our brethren through these turbulent economic times and confirm the greatness and mettle of this nation? (You and I have both seen folks preach collaboration, but not all practice it well.)

Joan Koerber-Walker

Joan Koerber-Walker at 10:18am April 15

Well, let’s see. My guess is there have always been those who try to help and those that don’t. Some who want to work together and others with no desire to.   Maybe we ask the question – How can we find partners who want to work together with us and are committed to making a difference?  That answer may actually get us what we are looking for. (I’ve seen Francine Hardaway build collaborations like this over and over again when something needs to get done.)

And as to the ‘average American’ part of the question – I believe that any solution has to come from us – the good things – the ones that really work in this country –
all come from “average Americans.”  So let’s narrow the question. “Who do we specifically what to help, and how. Then we can put out the call and ask ” who wants to help in that way.”

Lisa J. Ellis

Lisa J. Ellis at 10:44am April 15

I want to help in this way and make a difference! I enjoy collaborating and growing business through partnerships. The one for all, all for one mentality can work when we not only recognize our opportunities when they arise, but deliver opportunities to others – our partners. We can do this together…keep yourself open to the possibilities.

Joan Koerber-Walker

Joan Koerber-Walker at 10:50am April 15

OK Carl and Lisa – we’re up to 3 people who want to work together – and make a difference. Anyone out there care to make it 4?

Joan Koerber-Walker

Carl Lundblad at 11:28am April 15

Hi Lisa! Great reply…most of my biz dev effort for ASC and my other client, FDI is to find collaborative partners. Especially now! Cheers.

Eden Sunshine

Eden Sunshine at 12:02pm April 15

I want to help… Has anyone read the book “The Go-Giver”? It’s a very brief story about a guy who learns some very powerful lessons about letting go of his agenda and goals to support others. You all know the end of the story right? He goes broke. Just kidding. It comes back 100 fold.  I believe the operative question worth asking and listening to is “How can I help your business.” If we intend to collaborate that must be our focus. But frankly people are afraid to ask and FOLLOW-THROUGH.
So let’s see how much courage I have, “How can I help your businesses?”

Carl LundbladCarl Lundblad at 12:09pm April 15

Eden – check my email reply from yesterday, 4.14…let’s book that lunch and keep the dialogue going re collaboration in both directions…

And then there were 4 people in the conversation.  We need to keep asking questions, help each other find answers, and build solutions together.  Who knows what might happen?  You see, powerful things can happen when you ask questions.  That’s why I decided to move the conversation here so that everyone can join in.  (Thanks to Carl, Lisa, and Eden for giving me permission to share their thoughts.)

You may be viewing this from Facebook, Linked In, TypePad, or WordPress.  To keep all the comments together, let’s all put our comments on WordPress – you will find the string here: 

PLEASE, join in the conversation. Leave a comment on my WordPress Blog.   I believe that there are lots us.  Just Average Americans, with lots of questions.  Together we can find answers and better yet collaborate to make a difference.  If you are looking for help with a question you are already working on – ask for it.  If you are struggling with a new question, put it out there and see who might have an answer or want to lend a hand.

Some people may believe that asking questions and expecting people to  answer the call is a bit naive.  A bit like looking for the Holy Grail.  So I’ll end this for now with a clip from a movie that came out back in my high school days.  I think you’ll recognize the characters.  Think about the importance of asking questions – and think like a King!


I’ll be watching for your comments.

Stay Tuned…

– Joan Koerber-Walker

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