Spring into innovation.

Innovation has lots of definitions, but my favorite way to describe it is simple. Innovation is doing something in a new way to make life better for the people who matter.

BD19092_[1] Who matters is not the same for everyone and that’s the best part. It just spreads good stuff around that much further as we point our energies towards what we care about and others do the same some place else. Our new ideas and energy get spread around and just like fertilizer in the garden wonderful things start to spring up.

Innovative ideas are sometimes revolutionary, but more often that not, innovation is just a little thing – one new thing we can add or do to make a difference for ourselves or others.

A great example was sent to me this week by my friend Debra Johnson, CEO of Eco-Edge.  The company works with businesses to take their diesel fleet and industrial operations to new levels of profitability, performance and sustainability with Award-Winning Technologies for:

Improved Fuel Economy

Reduced Maintenance Costs

More Efficient & Effective Operations

Reduced Environmental Footprint

I first met Debra when she was starting her business in 2002 at the Arizona Venture Capital Conference.  We were both checking things out for the first time and got to chatting.  We’ve stayed in touch ever since and it has been so great to see her company move forward.  She’s progressed from an entrepreneur with an idea to national recognition as a finalist for last year’s Stevie Award.  Here is what she shared with me… and gave me permission to share with you.

j0400732[1]Do you know what many people believe may be the greatest invention of all time?

The lowly toothbrush!

One day long ago when someone said this toothbrush will improve your life – very few people responded with: “I must have that!”  Today, we can’t live without our toothbrush, and we know it can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. The cell phone, the Internet and the CFL bulb all went through this process.  Many inventions did not, not because they weren’t good, but for whatever reason, they never gained broad acceptance.

Are you wondering why this is relevant from a company that helps fleets and industrial operationsimprove profits and reduce environmental impact?   Eco-Edge understands that not every company should be using every new product on the market. But companies willing to take those first bold steps with someone they trust recognize that once they have validated solutions, they reap early benefits and set the table for others to confidently join in.  Our process relies on customer advocacy to match the right innovative products to your goals and challenges, as well as to your requirements for assurance.  We do the due diligence on innovative eco-efficient products to ensure that, at the end of the day, you are 100% satisfied with your decision.

And, our job is to constantly look for innovative, best-in-class fleet and industrial products that will save you money and reduce your environmental impact – guaranteed.  To that end, new solutions we’ve added in the last few months can, at the very least, reduce your operating costs and cut accidents, all while making the world just a bit healthier.  We just celebrated our 7th year helping businesses like yours do just that.

Debra makes some great points here – and sets an example we can all benefit from.  You see,  inventions do not become innovations until we use them to make a positive difference in our lives or our businesses. She addresses each question an adopter will be asking or thinking…

1.   How will this product or service benefit me?

2.  Is it to risky to change from what I do today?

3.  Can I get support to help me make this change?

And best of all, she promises to keep the innovations coming.

If you were telling your story – could you answer these questions as well as Debra did?

Spring is a great time to make a list and start to think about what YOU can do to make life better and how you can interest others in joining you on the journey.

A little innovation goes a long way.  Harness a little of that spring time energy and do something new.

Thanks for tuning in and please stay tuned…

Joan Koerber-Walker

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