The secret to building a great team – Get The Recipe

This September, as the kids head back to school,  we will be reviewing some great books for executives and entrepreneurs here at the CorePurpose Business Blog .

As we all know, building a championship team is a great way to move closer to your goals.  But how will you pull that team together and how will you lead it.  A great little book on just this subject is The Recipe: A fable for leaders and teams by Amilya Antonetti (CorePurpose Publishing, May 2010) .

Before I give you my takeaways – here is a clip from the author talking about The Recipe:


So what is your secret to creating a great team?  In The Recipe, the characters learn that leadership and teamwork is diversity.  Each brother has his own strengths and talents, but it is when they are blended together as a team that  great things happen.

I read my share of ‘serious’ business books, and so often they try to tell you what they think you need to know.  The great thing about The Recipe is that it does not tell you, it shows you through an easy to read story with it’s share of humor and conflict.  Then you can draw your on conclusions based on where you and your team are in the baking process.

As a publisher, I see more than my share of book treatments and manuscripts.  With The Recipe, the first thing I heard was the story line and I loved it.  That’s why CorePurpose Publishing worked with Amilya to bring it to life.  So if you are looking for an entertaining read – with great reminders for all of us as leaders and teammates, pick up The Recipe for yourself and your team mates.   After you have read it, come on back and leave us a note on what best your take-away from the story is.

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Joan Koerber-Walker

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