The Social Media Bible is a Fabulous New Tool

The Social Media Bible is here! Finally, an entirely comprehensive, all-in-one guide for any business looking to engage in any social media related initiatives.  Virtually every business can use social media to increase sales and profits.  Learning how to transform your business into a social media-enabled enterprise where customers, employees, and prospects connect, collaborate and champion your products, your services and your way of doing business will take your company to the next level.  “It was such an honor to be asked to collaborate with Lon Safko and David K. Brake on this project. They did not just rest on their laurels as Social Media Experts. They reached out across the community to get all the latest input from Social Media users at every level of expertise,” shared Joan Koerber-Walker, chairman of CorePurpose.  “These guys really get it! Social Media is a collaborative platform – so they collaborated with the whole community.”  The Social Media Bible shares the best ideas and practicles from leading social media expertsand corporate gurus, as well as New York Times bestselling authors nationwide.  The result is a content-rich, must have resource that will help businesses increase revenues, improve profitability, and ensure relevance and competitiveness.”  The Social Media Bible outlines just what social media is. But more importantly, it show the reader how to harness its power to achieve a measurable competitive advantage in rapidly changing markets.  “If you are a corporate enterprise, small business, or nonprofit and want to grow your business, you have to stay connected to your stakeholders,” shared Koerber-Walker. “The Social Media Bible will show you how to capture the collective wisdom and viral value of your stakeholders and stay ahead of your competition.”

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