You Can’t Tweet Your Way to the Top

I was talking to a marketing friend the other day about one of my business projects.  It’s a  book we had published with author Amilya Antonetti titled The Recipe: A fable for leaders and teams

We need leaders and teams now more that ever and The Recipe is a little book with a BIG message.   It brings together the ingredients, the tools, and the easy to follow instructions for success all wrapped up in a great story that is fun to read.  But for it to make an impact, lots of people need to read it.

With that in mind, we created a set of goals:

  1. Get the book to hit #1 on Amazon.  (Don’t laugh – yes I know that Amazon fame is fleeting but it’s an important proof point.)
  2. Get the book placed on the shelves of Major Retailers and Independent Book Stores
  3. Get the book placed into mass retail channels – Not everyone buys books at bookstores.
  4. National Media Tour and Speaking events to move the books off the shelves of the book stores and other outlets and into the hands of readers
  5. Partnerships with other best selling authors and thought leaders to help move things along

If we hit these goals, we’ll achieve one of our key objectives  –  to get the book to The Top of the major books lists –  the ones that really count. You know, like the the New York Times.

Circling Back

That brings us back to the conversation at the beginning of this post.  When she asked HOW I plan to get the book moving faster up Amazon – and I said Twitter – she started to laugh and said …

“You CAN’T Tweet Your Way to the Top!”

Now I am not totally unrealistic.  I understand that social media is an integrated platform where blogs, tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, websites, and other tools all work together.  The big question is this:

If you truly are connected into these networks and you put out a call to your friends and team – is anyone really listening and more importantly  – will they act?

Well, I am reasonably well connected so I thought – why not try.  After all, I have been sharing my thoughts on my blogs, articles, and in person.  Maybe it’s time to to put it to the test.  Here is a little bit of what I have been talking about:


This video was recorded live in January, 2010.  Since then the numbers have continued to grow.  As of June, 2010 the count was over 100,000 friends on Twitter alone across five different profiles.  Combine that with Amilya’s following and other friends, that’s a pretty good reach.

So here is what I am  going to do:

Recipe cvrThis Saturday, June 12th and Sunday, June 13th I am going to ask my social media friends for help in getting the book to The Top on Amazon.

Here are the tweets I am going to send.  I am keeping them simple since that is what another friend I GREATLY RESPECT told me to do.

I’m trying to get #TheRecipe by @Amilya to the Top of Amazon TODAY.  Can you help?

Can you help? I’m trying to get #TheRecipe by @Amilya to the Top of Amazon TODAY.

#The Recipe is a great book for you AND your Team – We’re trying to get it to the Top of Amazon Today.  Pls Help.

It’s a little book with a BIG message.  Please help us get #The Recipe to the Top of Amazon Today.

#Leadership and #Teams matter.  Please help me get #The Recipe to the Top of Amazon Today.

We’ll see what happens.

If you see my tweets or Facebook notes on Saturday and Sunday, perhaps you’ll do me a favor and RT.

Better yet, you might buy copies for yourself and for your team mates.  It really is a wonderful book.  Don’t just take MY word  for it.  Check out the reviews at the bottom of the Amazon Page.  🙂

We are starting out at Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #125,404 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) Let’s see how far it can go. If Amazon says they’ve run out of stock – wouldn’t that be nice – don’t let that stop you.  More are on the way.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by and for any help you can give.  Stay tuned…

Joan Koerber-Walker

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