A Global Balancing Act…

For the last few weeks, I have been working on a ‘really cool’ deal.  It’s not done yet, and the next week will tell the tale of whether it happens or was not meant to be. 

Ready Set Grow, created by Paul Svancara, copyright CorePurpose Inc. 2003-2009I hope we can pull it off, if we do, it brings a new industry to Arizona, will create a few jobs now and more  in the long term, and will send a strong message, ANYONE CAN. 

It’s good old fashioned business.  We make a product, deliver great service, offer a better solution to serve our customer’s need (at home and around the world), and create value for our customers, employees and investors.  Those are the basics that I learned in business school, in my career, and in observations of life. 

Like most mornings, I was up before sunrise.  Scanning my Wall Street Journal and Financial Times online, checking out what happened overnight on MSNBC, scanning emails, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Getting ready…

These days, a lot that I read links back to our economy, what’s happening at home, how it affects access to capital, what Washington is up to, and what’s happening around the globe.  Here’s what I was reading this morning….

 A Global Retreat as Economies Dry Up

The darker side of Buy American

Thomas Friedman’s best selling book The World is Flat

…and here’s what I think.  Everything we do is connected.

Like the circles above, all our actions, our projects, and networks connect, interact, and come together to create the whole.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (Sir Isaac Newton).  Failure to keep things in motion (inertia)can lead to collapse.  We’ve seen it in our financial markets as the flow money dried up, in our stores as spending dropped, and in our job market as the companies, who make the goods and deliver the services cut back.

We’ve lost momentum, but together we can get it back.  So go find your ‘really cool deal’.  Put something in motion.  Get connected and help a friend move things forward.  Recovery is up to us and we can make it happen.

-Joan Koerber-Walker



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