The WE Recovery…

As I have been sharing through this blog over the last few weeks, WE are the recovery solution.  So who is WE?  It’s every American with a Bold Idea, a Passion, and the persistence to see it through.

Here are some of the great things I have seen this week.  Examples of how WE are driving things forward.

  • Joan Gustafson and her husband Cliff came down and showed me a great new program Joan has developed in Minneapolis and would like to bring to the valley.  It helps displaced workers find their place again!
  • Francine Hardaway took me on a tour of a great new incubator – Gangplank.  Check out a great new program: BluePrint for Survival
  • Four different Private Equity gurus (no names – they like to fly under the radar) shared their time with me to review my ‘Really Cool Deal’ at Shop24.  They not only shared their time, they walked me through it, gave me feedback, and helped me make connections!
  • A new Investment Banker friend invited me to lunch with some old friends and great new contacts.  I learned about great new programs like TEKcelerate, got to meet the Founder and CEO of Medelis, a great local biotech firm, talked to a fund manager who is working with a local small business icon to save the company (sorry no names here), and lots of other great people.  The 12 of us talked for over 2 hours.  Now that’s a POWER LUNCH.
  • Mike Campion, my favorite Guilty Millionaire held an event at the Ritz to help others experience the success that he has.  My Friend Neil Dempster did the keynote.  Sorry to have missed this – my con call ran late and I could not get across town.
  • Checking in on the Washington Beat, I followed John McCain on Twitter and got to read his list each day of the top ten Porkiest Deals – but I also learned that John McCain and Olivia Snow brought forward new legislation this week to allow importation of drugs from outside the US.  This will increase competition and bring down healthcare costs – a huge burden on all of us.
  • My friend and hero Shay Pausa shared a fabulous video that gave me increased hope for the future.  Here it is.

So what’s on tap for me today…

4:30 AM and 5:30 AM – Calls to friends in Milan and London to get feedback on my current project.  They shared great inputs, had actually used the product and told me what they liked about it.

6:30 AM – sharing the weeks positive business news through the blog

7:30 AM – back to work on the business plan

8:30 AM – Off to tour the new offices of Metro Studios and to explore creation of an on-line TV program to keep driving our Recovery Mission forward.  Lisa and Clay are fabulous!

11:30 – Lunch with one of my favorite bank exec’s

2:00 – 4:00 – calls with Private Equity and Investment Banking friends in the continuing quest for capital

6:45 PM – You’ll find me in full Hockey Mom mode – Cheering the Phoenix Polar Bears on to an EIGHTH straight berth at the USA Hockey National Championship Tournament.  This weekend will determine USA hockey history.  Want to come?  Get the details at

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