Look Back as you Move Forward

As we come to the end of the year, now is a great time to look back in your rear view mirror as you prepare to accelerate into 2011. 

Whether you are planning your own career or planning for your business, a 360 degree view of where you have been and where you are going ensures a safer and more productive journey.

Get ready and DRIVE.

D = Deliberate Direction

Being deliberate about what your desired destination is and the path you plan to take to get there is the first step in the process.  Map out your plan, set milestone markers along the way, and set aside time to insure that all the tools and resources you will need are in place.

R = Review

Review the road you have traveled so far.  Were there times when you hit a pot hole or got stuck in a long detour?  Did others on the road you were traveling zoom by you? Without getting mired down in frustration, take an objective look at why and how these things happened.  What could you or your team have done differently to avoid these challenges.  Were there warning signs along the way that you might have missed or key turning points that could have been anticipated sooner?  By looking back at these experiences, we learn can learn from them.

I = Innovate

Innovation is the art of doing something in a new way to make it better.  When you looked back on your 2010 experiences, what were the things you wished you had done differently?  These are your innovation opportunities.  They may be new processes, new tools to take advantage of or changes to your business vehicle. Think like a master mechanic.  What can you tweak to get your business or your career firing on all cylinders?  Is there a supercharger that’s perfect for your goals?

V = Velocity

Merriam Webster defines velocity as:

1  a : quickness of motion : speed <the velocity of sound>

 b : rapidity of movement <[my horse’s] strong suit is grace & personal comeliness, rather than velocityMark Twain>

c : speed imparted to something <the power pitcher relies on velocity — Tony Scherman>

2 : the rate of change of position along a straight line with respect to time : the derivative of position with respect to time

3 a : rate of occurrence or action : rapidity <the velocity of historical change — R. J. Lifton>

 b : rate of turnover <the velocity of money>

Understanding how quickly you will or wish to move forward is key.  Did you have what you needed to propel yourself or your company forward this year?  Where can you find it? Are you or your business ready to support the growth you have planned for 2011?  By measuring our past velocity and the resources that it took to active that rate of change, we can estimate what we will need going forward and plan accordingly.

E = Engage

OK, here we go.  You are ready to engage and get your business or your career in gear.  You know where you have been, where you are going, and what you need to get there on time.  So strap on your seatbelt, rev your engines and start your journey into 2011.  The road gets easier once you master the art of the DRIVE.

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned….

I’ll be sharing more tips to help you get ready for 2011 throughout the month of December.

Joan Koerber-Walker

About the Author:

Koerber-Walker-056 An entrepreneur, author, speaker and corporate advisor, Joan Koerber-Walker’s journey has spanned from corporate America to entrepreneurship and non-profits, as well as into community leadership and through the halls of Washington D.C.   To learn more about the art of the DRIVE,  you can contact her  by clicking here.



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