The Independence We Celebrate Today

We owe our independence to our founding fathers, our first responders, our veterans, and our active duty servicemen and women.  

We value our independence through the ideas and care shared with us  by our parents and grandparents.  They got these values from their parents. We pass them down to our children.

We entrust our leaders with the responsibility to safeguard these values by electing them.  We are responsible for their actions through our votes and through the ways we continually engage with them to help them stay true.  

Independence is not a “right.”  It is a sacred trust that each of us must honor and  work to protect in our own way.  

Today we celebrate independence and offer thanks to those who devote their hearts, their hands and their lives so that we live” in the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

To all who serve…where ever you do so and whoever you may be…

Happy 4th of July. 

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