What’s more important, effort or results?

Is it the effort or the result that matters most?  As adults and business owners, we tend to focus more on results while as parents we tend to place the emphasis on the effort as it relates to the activities of our children.

With my children, I have never required straight A’s or that they be the star player on the team.  Instead, all I asked is that they always did their best.  When they did,  they got lavish praise. Often the results were mixed, but it was the learning process and the effort that the measurements and praise were based on.  In the long run, I could not be more proud of what my boys have achieved so far in their lives.

In the workplace as a leader, I have always focused on results.  I’ve even based my own business, CorePurpose, on results orientation.  It’s what investors and owners are expected to do.  But now, I am wondering if some of the things that we accomplish and learn along the journey may not  be as important if not more important than the arbitrary and often short term metrics we set as adults and business people to measure success.

Hmm, maybe, just maybe, it’s time I start thinking more like a parent – all the time.

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Joan Koerber-Walker

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