Learn about the Power of Enthusiasm October 25th

We all read so much about Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction. Some might say that if you can achieve this you have the perfect business.  But think about it – is being satisfactory good enough? Look at your child’s report card – or think back to one of your own. Satisfactory was a “C”. Is that where you want your business to be?  OK – maybe we want better. Perhaps we want LOYAL customers. They like us. They stay with us. That’s good. Right?  Well it is better – perhaps a “B”. but if you want to really make the grade, go one step further.  “A+” companies shoot for Creating Employee and Customer ENTHUSIASM.  Why is enthusiasm the key? Simple. When people are enthusiastic they don’t just stick around they attract others. They tell their friends about you. They bring you key resources and they bring you good business.  To learn more about the power of enthusiastic employees and enthusiastic customers, join nationally recognized innovator and business expert,Joan Koerber-Walker, at the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Luncheon on October 25, 2006 at the Grace Inn Ahwatukee.  LEARN…What does it take to create customers and employees that are so exited about your organization that they BRAG about you?  We’ll explore…  • Why satisfaction and loyalty are NOT enough.  • How to create enthusiasm in your organization  • How to keep it going for spectacular results.  Joan Koerber-Walker has spent her career taking businesses in new directions. As a corporate executive, she launched new processes and programs around the world for a rapidly growing Fortune 500 company before setting out to launch her own company, CorePurpose, Inc., in 2002. With three divisions here in Arizona, CorePurpose, Inc. provides information, services ands solutions that help businesses of all sizes to GROW.  CorePurpose, the company she founded in 2002, was recognized in 2003 by the Arizona Technology Council as one of the most innovative new companies in Arizona. In 2004, Ms. Koerber-Walker was named one of the top women entrepreneurs in the country as a national finalist for the Stevie – considered the “Oscar” for Women Entrepreneurs. In addition to her activities as CEO of CorePurpose, she serves on advisory boards at Arizona State University, Parenting Arizona and on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Technology Council, Chairman of the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation, and President of the National Speakers Association – Arizona chapter.  A popular contributor to Ahwatukee Life Magazine, Joan and her family are proud to call Ahwatukee Home.  Women in Business Luncheon October 25, 2006 Networking 10:45am Luncheon: 11:30am-1:30pm The Grace Inn, Ahwatukee Cost: $35 members / $40 non-members  To register for this event, visit www.ahwatukeechamber.com and click on EVENTS

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Do you drive change OR does it drive you?

For Immediate Release: September 14, 2006 – CorePurpose CEO & Founder Joan Koerber-Walker to speak at Women’s Leadership Event, September 28, 2006 at Barnes and Noble, Scottsdale.  Change – Do you drive it or does it drive YOU?  “No matter where you are in your life or in your organization you have a choice – you can take the wheel OR sit in the back seat and be taken along. When you choose to lead, there are some key strategies that put YOU in the driver’s seat” shares CorePurpose founder and CEO, Joan Koerber-Walker. Continue reading

The Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association Announces New Leadership Team

Saturday, June 10, 2006, the membership of the Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA-Arizona) inaugurated its 2006/2007 leadership team at NSA’s national headquarters in Tempe. The new leadership includes:  President of the Board of Directors – Joan Koerber-Walker Immediate Past President – Beth Terry President Elect – Alan Rigg Treasurer – Jeffrie Story Secretary – Dave Sherman New Board Members: Eileen Roth, Larry Colbert, Hilari Weinstein, Deborah Gardner Returning Board Members – John Coe, Joe Hammer, Joe Contrera  “It is an honor and a privilege to represent this great organization” shared Joan Koerber-Walker. “Arizona is home to some of the most successful and talented professional speakers in the world. NSA-Arizona provides a place for us to come together to share, learn, and connect with our fellow speaking professionals. In addition, the presence of so much insight and talent – right here in Arizona – is a great resource that can be tapped by businesses and organizations across the state.”  About NSA-Arizona  NSA-Arizona is the central connection point for the best professional speakers in Arizona. NSA-Arizona offers its members and its partners the experience of a rich, year-round training program designed to develop powerful, focused, expert speakers who deliver to their niche audiences the best contemporary solutions on a variety of interesting topics, and at a price point for every program budget. NSA-Arizona is an award-winning chapter of the National Speakers Association, with Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) designations held by nearly a dozen of our current members. Another dozen of our members have earned the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. Five of our members are Past National Presidents of NSA. Ours is a sharing chapter with an impressive history.

To learn more about NSA-Arizona and the depth insight and talent available from its membership, visit www.NSA-Arizona.org.  CONTACT:  Joan Koerber-Walker President of the Board of Directors NSA-Arizona 480/921-3933 jkw@corepurpose.net www.CorePurpose.com  Gwen Henson Executive Director NSA-Arizona (480) 968-7443 Gwen@NSA-Arizona.org www.NSA-Arizona.org

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March 3rd event is “Creating A Culture of Innovation”.

Phoenix, Arizona, February 6, 2006 – CorePurpose, Inc, and the Progressive Arizona Network (PAN) today announced that noted entrepreneur and innovator, Joan Koerber-Walker, will present Creating a Culture of Innovation, March 3, 2006, at the City of Phoenix’s Travis Williams Center.  “Innovation is doing something in a new way to make life better for the people who matter. It brings growth, builds community, and gives your business a competitive advantage.” states Joan Koerber-Walker. Creating a Culture of Innovation In Your Business and Community will feature Koerber-Walker, CEO and Founder of CorePurpose, Inc. a Phoenix, Arizona based company that helps organizations grow with innovative business and resource strategies. Ms. Koerber-Walker has spent her career taking businesses in new directions. As a corporate executive, she launched new processes and programs around the world for a rapidly growing Fortune 500 company before setting out to launch her own company – CorePurpose, Inc. – in 2002. “Whether you are an intrapreneur or entrepreneur is a matter of geography” shared Koerber-Walker. “You may be in part of a company or launching your own – “preneurs” manage the business of innovation.” Highlights of the presentation include:  • Why Innovation?  • Finding the “-preneur” inside of you  • Fostering Innovation in your business or organization  • Sustaining OUR culture of innovation  “Innovation and Innovators are the key to growth in our community” shared Greg Bullock, founder of PAN. “Having an expert like Joan come and share the strategies and tactics of creating innovation and keeping it thriving is what PAN is all about.”  Program details and information: When, Where and How Much?  Date: Friday March 3, 2006  Time: 10:30-12:00pm  Location: City of Phoenix’s Travis Williams Center- 4732 S. Central Avenue Phoenix 85040, Conference Rooms # 169 & # 170  Cost and Parking: The session is offered free of charge and free parking is also available at the Travis Williams Center.  Attendance is limited to the first 125 registrants. Register via email to greg.bullock@phoenix.gov or call (602) 534-9287.  About the speaker  An author, speaker and life long ‘preneur, Joan Koerber-Walker is passionate about finding innovative ways to help companies grow. CorePurpose, the company she founded in 2002 was recognized in 2003 by the Arizona Technology Council as one of the most innovative new companies in Arizona. In 2004, Ms. Koerber-Walker was named one of the top women entrepreneur’s in the country as a national finalist for the Stevie™ – considered the “Oscar” for Women Entrepreneurs. In addition to her activities as CEO of CorePurpose, she serves on advisory boards at Arizona State University, Parenting Arizona and on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Technology Council and the National Speakers Association- Arizona chapter. She was awarded a BA in Economics from the University of Delaware, and an MBA (2000) from Arizona State University.  About CorePurpose, Inc.  Headquartered in Arizona, CorePurpose, Inc., is a consulting and solutions company specializing in focusing companies for greater success through high impact activities that link directly to results. Together with members of the CoreAllianceSM, CorePurpose, Inc. works with companies and organizations to align internal resources to their areas focus while offering resources for mentoring, implementation and outsourcing in non-core areas or areas where additional support is required including: HR, Sales and Marketing, Operations, IT, and Finance. For more information about CorePurpose, Inc., and to view the listing and experience of CoreAlliance Members visit: www.CorePurpose.com.  CONTACT: CorePurpose, Inc. Joan Koerber-Walker, 480/921-3933 jkw@corepurpose.net www.CorePurpose.com  CorePurpose® is a registered service mark of CorePurpose, Inc.  About the Progressive Arizona Network:  The Progressive Arizona Network (PAN) is a business to business networking group that strives to provide information, association and strategic alliance opportunities to grow the business ecosystem. This group was founded in Dec. 2003 in south Phoenix. Initially it comprised of some 22 local companies. Today “PAN” is governed by a Board of 10 officers, and connects to over 350 businesses and organizations in the Metro Area. It continues to experience rapid growth, primarily in the small business sector. “PAN” is quickly becoming the premier catalyst to incubate and support new business opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

For more information, visit www.progressive-network.com  CONTACT: Progressive Arizona Network (PAN) Greg Bullock, (602) 534-9287. greg.bullock@phoenix.gov www.progressive-network.com ###

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Electronics Primer – the newest title from CorePurpose Publishing

Electronics Primer: The Products, The Markets, The Players  Publisher: CorePurpose® Publishing  Editor: M. Laura Kane-Sellers, MA, MBA  Contributing Authors: Marlane Miller, Angela Moran, Brian Richardson, Tom Waguespak, Russell Carter, Warren Bickley  © 2005 M. Laura Kane-Sellers ISBN: 978 09747056 8 2 MSRP: $ 69.00 Educators Price: $49.00  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Phoenix, Arizona– CorePurpose Publishing today announced the release of Electronics Primer: The Products, The Markets, The Players (Electronics Primer) a new handbook that provides a comprehensive overview of the electronics components that form the building blocks of the global electronics industry.  The book is authored by a collaborative student team from Texas A&M University and edited by Texas A&M faculty member M. Laura Kane-Sellers who also holds the office of Education Foundation Director of the NEDA. “As an educator and electronics industry executive, I was dismayed to find that there was no quick reference tool on the market that provided a comprehensive and unbiased overview of the many component products that make up the electronics industry” shared Kane-Sellers “Having challenged my students to research the various product groups, we soon found that their combined efforts could fill a much needed gap in the libraries of students, educators, engineers and electronics industry executives alike. We took the idea to the executive board at NEDA who recognized the value and invested the support for the creation of this much needed tool.”  Publication of Electronics Primer was underwritten by a grant from the NEDA Education Foundation, which is affiliated with the National Electronic Distributors Association (NEDA). Robin Gray Executive Vice President of the NEDA shared at a recent gathering of electronic industry leaders “This is a book that every distributor sales person should have a copy of. Electronics Primer has the pertinent information that distributors, manufactures, and their customers need to have on hand. This may well become a “bible” for our industry.  Leading electronics industry executives are also acknowledging that Electronics Primer fills a gap that has existed in the tools available for employee training. According to Skip Streber, Vice President, Global Semiconductor Supplier Marketing at Arrow Electronics, “The Electronics Primer is an incredibly comprehensive yet easy to understand introductory guide to the basics of electronics. This valuable tool is a must read for every new inside and outside sales person. It provides an excellent overview of the vast majority of passive and active electronic components. I would recommend this book to anyone entering the electronics industry!” Craig Conrad, Sr. Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer and Strategic Planning Officer for TTI also agreed and shared “I’ve been in this industry now for over 30 years and have yet to see a practical guide to all of the different technologies in the industry as comprehensive and easy to understand as the Electronic Primer. This book should be the core for training any person joining the electronic industry. I recommend it highly!”  Electronics Primer can be ordered through the National Electronics Distributor Association at www.NEDAssoc.org and at www.CorePurpose.com.  Features and Benefits:  A Comprehensive Industry Overview:  Electronics Primer is a comprehensive non-technical guide to the electronics industry. It offers product descriptions, features and benefits and the life cycle of a wide variety of components: semiconductors, active discrete and passive electromechanical interconnects. The Primer also provides company names, websites, revenue, and market share information.  Semiconductor Components Analog * Sensors and Encoders Connectivity * Data Converters * WiFi * Blue Tooth * Interface * Fiber Optics * Power Management * Radio Frequency * Signal Conditioning * Microwave Logic * Wireless * Field Programmable Optoelectronics * Discrete—Logic IC Processors * Microcontrollers * Microprocessors * Digital Signal Processors Memory * Volatile * Nonvolatile Active Discrete Components * Diodes and Thyristors * Transistors Passive Electromechanical Interconnect Components * Switches * Relays and Circuit Breakers * Cooling Equipment * Potentiometers and Trimmers * Filters * Resistors * Capacitors * Power Supply * Connectors  The Products • Defines all products in the specific product group in a non-technical, simplified way. Also, this section answers questions such as how customers use the product and what problems the product solves.  • Includes the primary features the customer uses to make selections about the specific product type stated in terms of the user benefits and answers the question “so what?”  • Life Cycle Stages of a life cycle are explained in each product area and product families are positioned on a life cycle curve.  The Market • Identify key Manufacturers, Distributors, and Suppliers Worldwide and Regional Total Available Market (TAM) Distributor Total Available Market (DTAM) and Market Segmentation.  • Market Trends o Historical—1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 o Projected— 2005, 2007, 2010 End equipment applications for each product group  The Players  Which manufacturers drive the top 80% of the revenue for these products o Company Names o Company Websites o Authorized Distributors o Revenue in $Millions o % Market Share Written by a team that combines Academic Excellence with Decades of Industry Experience  Editor:  M. Laura Kane-Sellers, MA, MBA is a full-time faculty member at Texas A&M University in the Industrial Distribution Program. In addition to her responsibilities at TAMU, Laurie serves as Education Foundation Director for the National Electronic Distributors Association (NEDA). She worked in the electronics industry for 20 years prior to pursuing her Ph.D. at TAMU. Having completed all Ph.D. coursework in Education Human Resource Development with a minor in Industrial Distribution is scheduled to complete her dissertation by December 2005. Laurie also holds two master’s degrees: one in Business from Southern Methodist University, and the other in Speech Communications from Texas Tech University. Laurie is co-author of Connecting Resources: A Primer for Electronics Distribution published in 2004. She is currently working on a book titled Painting the Homeless Visible and Giving them a Voice scheduled for release in 2006.  About the Authors – The Texas A&M Student Team  Marlane Miller is a Senior Industrial Distribution student at Texas A&M University, class of 2005. She will graduate in December of 2005 with a bachelor’s of science degree in Industrial Distribution along with a minor in Business. Marlane is at present seeking a job in the electronics industry with plans to obtain an MBA in the future.  Angela Moran is from Dallas, Texas, and a graduate of the Texas A&M Class of 2004. She majored in Industrial Distribution with a minor in Mathematics. Currently, Angela is observing in the Dallas Independent School District to complete her secondary teacher certification. After this, she plans to obtain a master’s degree.  Brian Richardson was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Brian graduates in December of 2005 with a bachelor’s of science degree in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University. He is currently searching for a job in the electronics industry and looks forward to marrying his high school sweetheart in March of 2006.  Tom Waguespack is a May 2005 graduate of the Texas A&M University Industrial Distribution Program. He is currently an Account Manager for TTI, Inc., an industry leading distributor of passive, interconnect, and electromechanical components. Tom was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  Russell Carter grew up in Houston, Texas, and attended Texas A&M University studying Industrial Distribution. Russell found his niche in the electronics field and was inducted into the Sigma Delta honor society. He graduated in May 2005 and accepted a job with Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas, where he is responsible for capacity/business planning for worldwide manufacturing of analog products.  Warren Bickley graduated from Texas A&M University in May of 2005 from the Industrial Distribution Program. Warren lives in Dallas, Texas and, along with Tom, is an Account Manager for TTI, Inc.  About NEDA – The National Electronic Distributor Association  NEDA is a not-for-profit trade association representing distributors of electronic components and their manufacturer-suppliers. Dedicated to the enhancement of the distributor-manufacturer relationship. NEDA represents companies involved in the distribution of electronic components and parts, computer and computer peripheral components and test, measurement and control equipment and their manufacturer-suppliers.

About CorePurpose Publishing Based in Phoenix, Arizona, CorePurpose Publishing support authors in the business, academic, and non-profit sectors in producing specialty titles for their target marketplace.  CONTACT: Joan Koerber-Walker CorePurpose Publishing 480-921-3933 jkw@corepurpose.net  Debbie Conyers Director of Marketing 678-393-9990 ext. 19 dconyersatnedassoc.org

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